360 Fit Teams is all about building stronger organizations, one fit team at a time.

Employee Wellbeing is one of the biggest secrets to employee success in the workplace including their physical, nutritional, emotional and mental well-being. So we designed our corporate wellness programs just for that. We want to help your employees develop healthy habits for the long-term, while making fitness and wellness fun and enjoyable.

From gym management, to our customized group fitness classes, employee wellness and mental wellbeing workshops, and fitness team-building challenges, our goal is fun, sustainable fitness to create healthier teams and employees who thrive for your organization.

We are passionate about fitness. Our fitness directors who design our programs and partner wellbeing experts are some of the most respected in the industry. We’re looking forward to building a stronger organization with you and creating a better, healthier workplace experience , one fit team at a time.


What Our Clients Say

~"Katherine Chua, APAC Colleague Wellness Lead, Pfizer"

 2018 was the year we did the 10:2: 360 Pfizer Steps Challenge, it was the biggest health and wellness program that we have invested in  locally.  At the time, only a handful of companies have done a similar program, so we had very few information to help us out.  The planning and implementation involved a lot of work, creativity, organization and expertise.  We wanted it to be a seamless project that looked and felt professionally planned.  360 fitness was able to help us tremendously to execute this big project the way we envisioned it.  Armed with their knowledgeable team, we were able to give our colleagues an experience that was one for the books!

The first thing we were happy about working with 360 is the quality of people their company has.  They are certified experts in the field of health and fitness, with legit diplomas and trainings to support their claim.  Everybody knew what they were talking about, and their eagerness to share their knowledge and expertise with others can be felt with the way they interacted with their clients. 

The 10:2: 360 Pfizer Steps Challenge was a key component of our whole health and wellbeing program Pfizer Fit and Happy.  As one of the very successful pillar of the program, this contributed a lot for us to win the Pfizer Global EHS Star awards for 2018.  

We received a lot of heartfelt appreciation from our employees about how they loved that the company took time and invested  a lot for their health and wellbeing.  To this day, people are still talking about how they enjoyed and learned from the whole program.

We definitely loved working with 360 Fit Teams, that is why we continued to work with the company with other very innovative health and fitness programs after the steps challenge.  360 Fit Teams is one of those very few companies who were able to bring to the table the “tailor-fitted” services that we were looking for to suit the needs of our employees. 

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