Corporate Fitness Classes

With our group fitness programs, we make sure employees are always engaged and improving. We keep it fresh with a variety of fitness classes from yoga, Zumba, cardio MMA to HIIT, circuit training, women’s specialized classes, sports specific classes and more. Our roster includes some of the best fitness instructors in town.

We’ll handle all logistics and equipment for you as well

Group Fitness Classes

Our class progression is designed to ensure the following:

We will design your class calendar after assessing your employees’ fitness backgrounds. Our available classes below are designed to help your employees lose weight, move better, improve fitness levels and increase work capacity and energy.


Based on experience, participation rate is not maximized even when classes are available in the office because 1) employees lack motivation; or 2) they sometimes lack awareness of the program. We design simple challenges around the classes, incentivizing participation either as an individual or as a group. This drives urgency, and creates a more fun, motivating reason for employees to join classes. This will also better promote programs that are available.


These are fun, highly energetic classes with choreography designed to the beat of the music. Programs include:

Mind and Body

These are classes that help us not just be stronger, but also help us feel calm and centered.

360 BURN

Challenge yourself in this high intensity class that aims to always give you a challenge. 360 Burn is a body weight class that works around your guiding your heart rate through different training zones that help improve cardiovascular endurance, and as a good side effect, help in burning off those extra calories.

360 FLOW

Earn the right to move freely and jumpstart to better mobility in this class. 360 Flow is a body weight class designed to help you move better through exercises that focus on stability and mobility.


360 QUICK is a high intensity agility class focused on developing speed in multiple directions, utilizing sports movement drills and plyometric training to develop efficient and powerful movement.


Once you’ve unlocked your movement skills, the next step is to develop your strength base. 360 force is a body weight class that focuses on strengthening your body, from the core, all the way to improving movement patterns.

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