Employee well-being programs

Employee well-being is now a performance and employee engagement strategy, and the new workplace imperative. It correlates with employee engagement in powerful ways. Without thriving in their wellness, employees still have a 61% higher likelihood of ongoing burnout even when they’re engaged, according to Gallup.


Mental distress is also on the rise, with depressed employees reporting 1-2 hours of unproductive time within an 8-hour shift, missing 5 days of work and 11.5 days of reduced productivity every 3 months, costing employers about $15,000 per year in lost productivity, health care costs, and turnover according to a Deloitte study. As employers, let’s start with small, progressive steps. It’s not about getting them from point A to point B right away but it’s about looking at all the factors that can promote or diminish your employee’s well-being. 


As your corporate wellness partner, we will help you design Employee Wellness Programs that amplify their overall well-being with physical, nutritional, mental, socio-emotional programs led by the experts in the field. Our programs are designed to cater to all types of work arrangements whether home-based or giving them more reason to come to work with in-person programs.



Employee Well-being Solutions


We’ll turn your existing corporate gym or any space (100sqm or 1000 sq ft) into a fitness space for employees. We deliver gym design including equipment and layout, create fitness programs customized for your employee base, and develop coaching programs and your gym operations for you.


With our group fitness programs, we make sure employees are always engaged and improving. We keep it fresh with a variety of fitness classes from yoga, Zumba, cardio MMA to HIIT, circuit training, women’s specialized classes, sports specific classes and more. A simple yet effective employee engagement and wellness program, our roster includes some of the best fitness instructors in the country teaching in person or online.

Mental 101 for Leaders

With a holistic approach to wellness,  our employee wellbeing workshops are designed to educate and equip them with tools so employees can take care of their mental, physical, nutritional, socio-emotional health better.  We also work with partner experts and can customize workshops after assessing the needs of your employee base.


Our wellness team challenges are designed to help employees develop good fitness, nutrition and mental health habits they can sustain for a healthier life. Healthy employees are engaged employees and working on wellness goals together is an excellent teambuilding activity. We design, facilitate and manage team challenges end to end, whether in person, online or a combination of both.


What Our Clients Say

~"Katherine Chua, APAC Colleague Wellness Lead, Pfizer"

 2018 was the year we did the 10:2: 360 Pfizer Steps Challenge, it was the biggest health and wellness program that we have invested in  locally.  At the time, only a handful of companies have done a similar program, so we had very few information to help us out.  The planning and implementation involved a lot of work, creativity, organization and expertise.  We wanted it to be a seamless project that looked and felt professionally planned.  360 fitness was able to help us tremendously to execute this big project the way we envisioned it.  Armed with their knowledgeable team, we were able to give our colleagues an experience that was one for the books!

The first thing we were happy about working with 360 is the quality of people their company has.  They are certified experts in the field of health and fitness, with legit diplomas and trainings to support their claim.  Everybody knew what they were talking about, and their eagerness to share their knowledge and expertise with others can be felt with the way they interacted with their clients. 

The 10:2: 360 Pfizer Steps Challenge was a key component of our whole health and wellbeing program Pfizer Fit and Happy.  As one of the very successful pillar of the program, this contributed a lot for us to win the Pfizer Global EHS Star awards for 2018.  

We received a lot of heartfelt appreciation from our employees about how they loved that the company took time and invested  a lot for their health and wellbeing.  To this day, people are still talking about how they enjoyed and learned from the whole program.

We definitely loved working with 360 Fit Teams, that is why we continued to work with the company with other very innovative health and fitness programs after the steps challenge.  360 Fit Teams is one of those very few companies who were able to bring to the table the “tailor-fitted” services that we were looking for to suit the needs of our employees. 

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