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With a holistic approach to wellness, some of our wellness workshops for employees include Nutrition Strategies for Optimal Health, Healthiest Ways To Lose Weight, Daily Practices for Stress-Free Work Days, Mental Health 101 for Leaders, Mental Toughness, Happiness Movement, Positive Psychology and many more. We customize workshops after assessing the needs of your employee base.

Breaking The Cycles of Chronic Burnout

Employees don’t have to be enslaved by chronic burnout. This workshop teaches them skills to become their optimal selves so they can not only manage, but also prevent work burnout through holistic health practices.

Skills they will learn: 

Neelam is a Health Coach through the Integrated Institute of Nutrition (NYC).  She is a service provider at Central Health Clinic and Mindish Studio in Hong Kong. Over the last two years she has worked with over 80 clients to maximise their energy, improve sleep, achieve weight loss and hit overall health goals.
She is an independent consultant and partner expert for this workshop.

Building an Emphatetic Leadership Team

Promoting a culture of well-being means organization need leaders who care and listen. Psychological Safety and trust are important to remove the stigma especially around mental health in the workplace. In this workshop your leaders will be equipped with the following skills:

Kimi will be using her own holistic mind-body-spirit essential skills training blueprint. It is a combination of her 13 years experience in Neuro-Linguistic Programming, as an Emotional Freedom Technique Practitioner, as a Success Blueprint Practitioner, in Development Education, and more. She is an independent consultant and partner expert for this workshop.

Creating Stress-Free Workdays By Following Your Gut

What’s going on in our gut is  going to affect our moods, anxiety, depression and focus because 70% of serotonin is made in our gut. At the end of the workshop we will:

A registered medical doctor, Emilie Berthet Clairet, practised in the specialist field of bacteriology- human biology- Paris. She moved to Hong Kong in 2008 and pursued her medical practice with a more holistic approach, and she now practices clinical hypnotherapy and functional nutrition. She is an independent consultant and partner expert for this workshop.

Helping Employees Gain Food Freedom

There are so many misconceptions when it comes to healthy eating. Usually, we think a restrictive diet is the healthiest one but restriction leads to temptations, and possibly losing control. Healthy eating is really about flexibility and being able to make informed choices. It’s time to learn more about healthy eating and set life changing goals to bring ideas into action!

In this workshop, employees will learn about:

Joey is an Accredited Practising Dietitian (DA) based in Hong Kong and a member of HKDA. She runs her food freedom program online, helping clients to build a healthy relationship with food.

Turning Your Stress Into A Superpower

Turning Your Stress Into A Superpower  Stress is not your enemy – if you learn how to use it. Momentary stress response enhances performance and helps you focus, kind of like a superpower! Chronic stress, however, has the opposite effect and can lead to anxiety, health issues, burnout or depression. In this workshop, employees will learn how to:

Resilience At Work and At Home For Employees

Today this is truth, work impacts our personal lives and vice versa. And both sides will always have stressors and problems. This workshop focuses on creating harmony integrating an employee’s work and personal life through:

Dr. Michele Alignay, PH.D is a PSYCHOLOGIST – Speaker – Author, a Board-Certified Psychologist (RPsy) and a Board Certified Guidance Counselor (RGC). Her expertise includes family life, parenting, well-being and personal growth. Through psycho-education, Dr. Michele integrates extensive work experience and academic training for individuals, children and families. She is an independent consultant and partner expert for this workshop.

Women’s Hormones

Hormones play a big role in different phases of our lives from moods and energy levels to our overall well-being. The goal of this workshop is to educate ways how to optimize their hormonal health at different stages of women.


 Participants will learn:

Beth Wright is the founder of B-FIT the Wright Way, and an internationally accredited functional medicine health coach. With over 20 years experience in fitness and nutrition, she bring a holistic approach to wellness that’s grounded in science and bespoke to each individual.

Fitness Myths Debunked

With the wealth of information available online, it’s no surprise that people get confused when it comes to fitness and health. Because of the internet as well, a lot of people give bad advice which leads to wasted time when it comes to people trying to get healthy and fit. In this workshop we will go through the most common fitness myths and see how we can avoid going down the wrong path. Some of these myths are well-known like “carbs make you fat” while others like “you can’t lose weight while lifting weights” might sound counterintuitive. We will sift through these and leave you with a clearer path towards health and fitness.

Why are you not losing weight: The Science and Fallacies of Weight Loss

Across the globe, the number one reason why people take up an exercise program is weight loss. However, we still have a global obesity issue. This means that even if a lot of people want to lose weight, their methods of trying to achieve this can sometimes be flawed, ineffective or even unhealthy. In this workshop, we will investigate the most common and popular weight loss methods and see what works and what doesn’t. Then we will introduce the best practices that are healthy and sustainable, based on common scenarios that people encounter.

The habits of fitness: How to Build and Sustain Healthy Fitness Habits

The backbone of a healthy lifestyle is consistency. Consistency is what gets us to our goals and lack of consistency is what will prevent us from success. To be consistent takes effort, but if you set up your environment for success, you start developing healthy habits that will increase your quality of life and will get you closer to your fitness and health goals. In this workshop, we will look at the steps in developing habits and how to hack your environment and routines to increase the chances of making these habits stick.


Duration: 1 hour

The importance of moving every day, the difference between aesthetically fit and functionally fit, and strategies on how to incorporate more movement more often in your employees’ daily lives. In this workshop, Coach Sot will help the participants understand how our bodies work and its basic patterns, and come up with practical habits to live an active lifestyle whether by teaching micro workouts, NEAT (nonexercise activity thermogenesis), and more. 

Best Nutrition Habits To Build

Duration: 1 hour

An introduction on how to make healthier eating choices everyday including topics like portion control, nutritious meal choices and other nutrition practical techniques

In this workshop, Coach Sot will be using a Precision Nutrition Approach where we would make the participants understand that healthy eating doesn’t always have to be complicated.

We will be ending both workshops with an open floor discussion where the participants can throw in their questions.

Prevention of Mental Health Issues

Mental 101 for Leaders

This workshop aims to help your leaders spot the early signs of mental health issues in their teams. It shows best practices on how to empathize, start conversations, give necessary support, provide interventions and create a mentally healthy team, to help employees perform at their best. This workshop is run by a Certified specialist in clinical psychology, a Positive Psychology trainer, facilitator and module maker, and a lifelong learner and advocate of mental health.

The Happiness Movement Workshop

Mental health starts with the ability to be independent when it comes to your happiness. In this workshop, tools and strategies will be taught and applied so participants will learn how to live their days with purpose, fill their personal happiness tanks, and know how to manage stressors that affect their happiness. It’s also all about highlighting their self-worth and self-care. This workshop is run by our Certified Master Neuro-linguistic Programming Practitioner expert, Neuro-linguistic Hypnotherapy Life Coach, Reiki Master Practitioner, a Storyteller and an NIA Technique White Belter.

Dealing with Mental Health Issues

Co-Relation Movement Workshop

This workshop aims to help your leaders spot the early signs of mental health issues in their teams. It shows best practices on how to empathize, start conversations, give necessary support, provide interventions and create a mentally healthy team, to help employees perform at their best. This workshop is run by a Certified specialist in clinical psychology, a Positive Psychology trainer, facilitator and module maker, and a lifelong learner and advocate of mental health.

Mental Toughness Workshop

It uses the principles of sports psychology that covers the mental skills necessary for consistent, high-level performance. It’s a workshop about dealing with adversity and roadblocks by mastering the 5Cs: Composure, Concentration, Confidence, Coping with Challenge and Cohesion. Our workshop leader has an MA in Sports Psychology, and an Affiliate of Sports Psychology Inc handling Singapore Olympics Athletes.


These are events designed to develop healthier eating habits by building each one’s decision-making skills. All workshops are run by Licensed Nutritionists or Coaches certified by Precision Nutrition, one of the world’s most trusted Nutrition Companies.

360 Food Strategy Workshop

Choose your menu (real food provided for live events) so you can apply learnings immediately. 

Coach will check your plate and give feedback.

Understanding Your Plate (Part 1)

Designed to help you understand your plate by learning nutrition basics, and giving you a practical approach you can apply daily to turn your plate into a healthier one. We will also discover the true importance of understanding food labels, proper portion control and its impact on your daily caloric intake with this workshop.

Eating on the Go and Preparing Your Own Meals

What do you do when you’re left no choice? One thing you’ll learn in this workshop is that you’ll always have a choice. Whether it’s working within a budget or eating off a menu, we’ll show you how you can make the better choice every time. Plus, we will teach you easy ways to prepare healthier meals at home, healthy grab and go snacks, or healthy food you can easily take to the office.

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