We’ll turn your existing gym or space into a workout area for your employees. From layout, programs, coaching, classes and customer service, we’ll take care of your gyms for you.

General Coaching

• For those who can work out independently

• Assistance with machines and programs

• Maintaining a safe workout environment

• Goal setting and progress tracking

• Workout of the week and other challenges

Personal Coaching

• Personalized, goal-based programs

• Ideal for those with specific goals, or those who aren’t confident in working out without supervision

Gym Layout

We will design your space to fit programs we will run and to maximize space for employee usage. We will also recommend additional equipment when necessary and will make sure to maximize equipment on hand.

Fitness Program Design

We will assess your employee’s base fitness level and their goals. From there, we will recommend which fitness classes to hold and the right programs to improve their fitness.

In-house Gym Classes

We have a variety of group fitness programs our coaches can conduct daily.

Wellness Workshops

We will complement our exercises with regular workshops on fitness, nutrition and mental health. Our goal is to help employees start and sustain good fitness habits. We can also customize topics as needed. Our workshops will be led by our team of expert coaches.

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