With our group fitness programs, we make sure employees are always engaged and improving. We keep it fresh with a variety of fitness classes from yoga, Zumba, cardio MMA to HIIT, circuit training, women’s specialized classes, sports specific classes and more. Our roster includes some of the best fitness instructors in town.

We’ll handle all logistics and equipment for you as well.

Group Fitness Classes

Our class progression is designed to ensure the following:

• Proper fitness progression catered to your employees’ fitness levels

• Variety to avoid boredom

We will design your class calendar after assessing your employees’ fitness backgrounds. Our available classes below are designed to help your employees lose weight, move better, improve fitness levels and increase work capacity and energy.

360 HIIT

A fat- burning,  high intensity interval training program that combines a series of agility drills, sprints or similar metabolic exercises along with strength exercises. This class requires minimal exercise background.

360 Bodyweight

Perfect for beginners with zero exercise background, this is a 30-minute workout that combines mobility drills, core exercises and bodyweight exercises that will improve your cardiovascular and muscular endurance.

360 Bootcamp

A type of group exercise class that mixes traditional body weight exercises with interval training and strength training. This program is designed to build strength and fitness through a variety of intense group interval exercises over a 30- minute period of time, and is recommended for those with athletic or fitness background.

360 Core

Open to all levels, this fitness program is a combination of abdominal and whole-body exercises involving SMRT-Core, suspension training, bands and/or bodyweight exercises that will strengthen and tone the midsection.


These are fun, highly energetic classes with choreography designed to the beat of the music. Programs include:

  • •Zumba
  • •Kickboxing
  • •Pound Fitness
  • •Hiphop Fitness
  • •Piloxing.
  • •Beats (cardio dance mixed genre)

Mind and Body

These are classes that help us not just be stronger, but also help us feel calm and centered. 

  • •Yoga
  • •Pilates Mat
  • •Yogilates
  • •Recovery Classes


Based on experience, participation rate is not maximized even when classes are available in the office because 1) employees lack motivation; or 2) they sometimes lack awareness of the program. We design simple challenges around the classes, incentivizing participation either as an individual or as a group. This drives urgency, and creates a more fun, motivating reason for employees to join classes. This will also better promote programs that are available.

Well-being Workshop

We will complement our exercises with regular workshops on fitness, nutrition and mental health. Our goal is to help employees start and sustain good fitness habits. We can also customize topics as needed. Our workshops will be led by our team of experts.

Other Services

  • •Analytics
  • •Roadmap / Goal-setting Sessions
  • •Employee Marketing

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