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We have partnered with Hi-Precision Diagnostics  and Centro Holistico in order to deliver an optimal health check for employees. The focus is not just on diagnosing illnesses, but on the lifestyle factors that contribute to an employee’s optimal health. The goal is to check how lifestyle factors affect an employee’s internal body environment. Laboratory works include more sensitive checking for insulin resistance and diabetes, checking for effectivity of detox system and liver toxicity, checking for chronic and acute inflammation, checking overall micronutrient status, indicators for autoimmune conditions, checking for cardiovascular health and more. The consult with our Centro Holistico doctors who practice functional and integrative medicine will delve deeper into lifestyle factors such as sleep, diet, exercise, habits, environmental exposures, etc. Then our consult with our fitness and lifestyle coach from 360 Fit Teams will give them a blueprint on how to integrate better movement practices into their daily lives, and what practical
nutritional strategies they can implement that will have an impact on their health.

Our partner CENTRO HOLISTICO Integrative Health and Wellness is a medical wellness center that is owned and operated by Healthelements, Inc., which is composed of a group of medical doctors that are in the practice of Integrative Medicine. The group was formed early in 2013, when the practitioners found a common passion, which is to promote alternative/complementary medical treatments to the country, and educate people about the benefits of these treatments. The center is dedicated to restoring the health of our patients to the best possible state. We offer complimentary and alternative
medical treatments in a clean, comfortable setting. Our licensed medical doctors practice Functional and Integrative Medicine, integrating alternative and traditional medical principles in the management of our patients, creating a more holistic approach to health and wellness.

Our partner lab, Hi Precision Diagnostics has over 26 years of experience, as one of the country’s leading diagnostics laboratories, and are always at the forefront of the latest medical technology, and up-to-date with their certifications.

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